Marriage certificate attestation

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Marriage certificate attestation

A marriage certificate is a public record produced by an authorized governmental agency attesting to the validity of a marriage and providing facts about the bride and groom. 

Certificates must be certified before they can be used as legal documents in the United Arab Emirates for any reason. You can avoid the hassle of having to personally appear before a notary public and other government officials back home by using Prompt Attestation Services to have your marriage certificate authenticated. You may rest assured that our attestation of your certificate will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Purpose of Attesting Marriage Certificate attestation

The following are some of the most common justifications for acquiring an authenticated marriage certificate:

To have your spouse’s name included on your passport

Guidelines for Passport Applications for Minors

Taking your pregnant wife to the hospital for the birth

Including a partner on your health insurance policy

To buy property or House with your partner

With the intent to divorce

The process of marriage certificate attestation

The steps needed to legalize a marriage certificate are different in each nation. An outline of the process that applies to the vast majority of countries around the world is as follows:

1.First, you must acquire Notary Public Verification from the issuing nation.

2.Have the Marriage Certificate verified by your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3.The certificate needs to be authenticated authenticating by the UAE Embassy.

4.An attestation of a Marriage Certificate from the Embassy of the nation one desires to utilize is the final step before proceeding.

When a marriage certificate is authenticated, it proves that the documents it appears on are legitimate. Depending on local regulations, attestation procedures and times may vary from country to country.


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