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It might be frustrating and time-consuming to have to read through piles of detailed instructions before filling out application forms. The mistaken idea of the instructions could cause problems when completing the form. We appreciate you taking the time to pay the processing fee, any other applicable costs, and the value we place on our own time. Our visa experts are here to help you get your visit visa approved quickly and smoothly, and they’ll even aid you in filling out the application form. If you need a visa for a visit, our team will answer any questions and ensure you receive one quickly and easily.

UAE visa for 30 days

After a state verification of an MEA, the document can be attested. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) confirmed the document’s legitimacy and says it can now be used in Saudi Arabia and around the world. It’s time for General Attestation Phase Two.

Embassy Attestation:

Following completion of state and MEA attestation and cultural attestation in the case of educational certificates, the next step is attestation by the Saudi Arabian Embassy. The embassy must legalize and authenticate the document before it can be used in Saudi Arabia.

Documents Required for Saudi Attestation

The following are examples of acceptable supporting documentation for attesting your certificates:

  • The first-issued certificate
  • Letter of Offer and Employment Contract
  • Identification Document (Copy of Passport)
  • A Candidate’s Photograph
  • The Cover Letter, Authorization Letter, or Consent Letter

Attestation by the Saudi Embassy lasts for varying amounts, depending on the type of certificate being authenticated. The vast majority of our certifications, however, are issued via these methods. For the Saudi embassy attestation process, we must adhere to the following guidelines regularly:


Required Documents to apply

  • Have a photocopy of the first and last pages of each guest’s passport
  • A passport-sized photograph of the visitor
  • A photocopy of the first, last, and visa pages from the guarantor’s passport
  • A copy of both sides of your current residence’s identification card
  • Your passport or an attested copy of your marriage certificate must indicate that your guest is your spouse.


  • Families pay no security deposit.
  • It eliminates the need for a contract or salary verification.
  • A lease agreement is unnecessary.
  • Effortless record-keeping
  • Your card will not be charged a fee for payment through our secure online system.
  • Fast response time
  • The Child PAX Program Offers: Discounted Rates (Age under 18 years)