Certification Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation is a process of certifying either Personal, Educational or Commercial Certificates so that a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it as valid.

Certificate Attestation in Bangalore

Certificate Attestation Services in Bangalore

SFI Attestation Services provides the Best Certificate Attestation Services in Bangalore, We provide Certificate Attestation for Personal, Educational & Commercial Documents. Our Team of Expert Consultants will guide you through the cumbersome and lengthy process of certificate attestation depending on the type of document, location and guide you with the process to get the certificates attested in the best possible way.
We have been rendering Certificate attestation from Bangalore for all major Embassies across the World and have successfully attested more than 5000 Certificates for our Clients from India to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and other countries in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the American continent. SFI Attestation Services is a One-Stop-Shop for all your 
Attestation Services in Bangalore

Various purposes of Certificate Attestation:

  • For higher education.
  • For employment.
  • For migration.
  • To attain a resident visa.

Steps for Educational Certificate Attestation:

  • SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate)/ HRD (Human Resource Development).
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).
  • Embassy Attestation.
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Different Educational Certificate Attestation Services we provide

  • Diploma certificate attestation.
  • Degree certificate attestation.
  • HSC certificate attestation.
  • SSLC certificate attestation.

Educational certificate attestation is mandatory to increase the credibility of the certificate for international purposes. These certificates have very much importance in one person’s academic uplifting. People tend to move to foreign countries for various purposes mainly education or employment, believing they will get better opportunities out there. It is true in fact when the accessibility of the certificates are improved. Opportunities come as to how widely the certificate can be used.

All original documents requiring attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India are required to be first authenticated by the designated authorities of the State Governments from where the documents were issued.

Educational documents are required to be authenticated by the Department of Education/Human Resource Development (HRD) of the concerned State Government/Union Territory. The authentication must be done with the name and designation seal as well as the seal of the Department.
Personal documents are required to be authenticated/attested by the Home Department / General Administration Department (GAD) of the issuing State. ( birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, affidavits, a general power of attorney, work experience certificates, driving licenses, etc).

Commercial Documents are to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce before these can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce must be affixed on each document along with the name & designation of the authorized signatory. (memorandum of association, board resolution, certificate of incorporation)

Frequently Asked Questions

The process for certificate legalization / Attestation from MEA or Embassy/Consulate is lengthy process. You need to go through different levels of legalization steps, the process consists of verification from local officials, state government officials to the central government. The process depends on the kind of the certificate.

There’s a long list of documents that you are going to require legalization for. The time-span needed is based on various aspects, for instance, for which country you require the authentication for, or the sort of documents, or the organization you require it from. Normally, it will take about a couple of weeks to a month to finish. The overall time will still be influenced by aspects referred to previously.

The attestation cost differentiates from service to service. It will also be affected by the urgency of the requirement, also from the place the documents were issued. The fee could be low or higher and can yet differ with the add-on services like legalization of documents with pick-up and drop service. To get the best quote, reach us by filling the form or Call us Today.

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